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Not hearing, but a listening ear

The term audit comes from the Latin word ‘audire’, which means to hear. An audit is the assessment of an organization with the aim of checking whether predetermined provisions and goals are performed or achieved.

Do you want to improve or are you concerned with quality management in your organization and are you going to certify for a certain standard or want to keep a certificate? Then you want this process to run as smoothly as possible. Choose an auditor with a listening ear, who does more than just check the list.  Bring out the Best as an auditor is not the quality police who passes by to give a fine, but an advisor who supports you and your organization in identifying risks in the implementation of your quality management or information security management system.

Therefore, there should be  no need to be nervous when the auditor is coming.If a deviation is found, this is not the end of the world: There is no system without weak spots. We must however realize that every weak spot poses a risk. Because Bring out the Best helps you to identify risks, you ultimately bring the best out of yourself, your staff, your organization and bring you the best possible product on the market. 

Every organization, but especially those in the life sciences, must mitigate risks to the limit. For safety and security of all involved: the end user, the employees and the organization.

The internal audit

The internal audit is performed by an internal representative of the company. It is a professional, objective and critical analysis that leads to recommendations to improve the operation of the company. It is a very good means of measuring the effectiveness of the quality or security management system and is therefore mandatory for certified organizations. Expertise is needed to effectively conduct an internal audit, so this task can of course be delegated to an independent external auditor. To Bring out the Best.

The external audit

The external audit determines the efficiency of a company in developing its functions. The goal is often certification also, it may be  a supplier audit. Also
Bring out the Best is a solid partner for this. Another role for the external auditor is to assess the efficiency of the QMS and its implementation. Gaps and non-conformities are detected and true recommendations for improvement are needed. Compared to the proprietary internal auditor, who has knowledge of the company and performs this task as an ancillary position, the external auditor usually is more objective due to an unbiased view and has specialist knowledge.

Audit preparation and workshops

Bring out the Best provides in-house preparation for audits and workshops about this challenging subject.This workshop can be tailored for your organization.

Expertise: quality management, system validation, GMP, audit andn auditpreparation to ISO 9001, 13485 en 27001

Bring out the Best is IRCA/CQI certified lead-auditor for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27001:2022, ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP.