My vision: safety is human work.

Focus on people

Quality management is all about minimizing risks. My vision: if the focus is on people rather than on processes, requirements or systems, the quality will be higher. Of course, people are regularly the weakest link in the business process. But man is open to improvement, and by appealing to the human need to excel, the best in man can be brought out. With this the entire company improves.

That’s exactly what I’m working on every day. I steer the interplay between safety, effectiveness and professionalism. with this quality management is not a cost item, but offers structures and frameworks that improve the motivation and work ethic of employees, with a positive effect on the results.

Patient safety first, customer satisfaction immediately afterwards

 In the life sciences industry, for me safety is the most important driver in the development and implementation of business processes and products. It is imperative that all stakeholders are aware of their contribution to patient safety in order to be successful as an organization. That is why, for example, I offer a basic GMP training, in which patient safety plays a prominent role. Experience shows that this training makes a good contribution to the quality awareness of the employees involved.

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