Collection point for Cliniclowns

Do you have empty ink cartridges or toners laying around? Don’t throw those away. You can return the cartridges and collect them for charity. This is how you support CliniClowns!!

For every usable ink cartridge or empty toner, CliniClowns receives a fee from their collection partner Eeko. Every year, around 30,000 cartridges are returned for CliniClowns. Thanks to this kind of collection campaign, we can make even more sick children forget that they are ill and people with a disability or dementia feel understood and seen.

What happens to the empty ink cartridges?

The usable ink cartridges or toners are thoroughly cleaned and refilled. The recycled cartridges are then sold to wholesalers or retailers, after which they eventually end up back in the printer with the user. Products that are no longer usable go to recycling companies where they are shipped. The precious metals are separated and the remaining material (waste) is disposed of.

The cartridges can be returned at Bring out the Best