Support Ukraine

I am shocked and saddened  by the hostile and criminal attack on the Ukraine, and disgusted by the inhumane suffering inflicted on civilians.The attack on the Ukraine goes against any of the values Bring out the Best stands for. The human suffering and destruction are unbearable. At Bring out the Best the values peace, humanism, self-determination, openness, dialogue, innovation, have a deep meaning. What happens now is that the worst in people is brought out.

Let’s stand together as global community to relief suffering and restore peace and freedom for the Ukrainian people immediately. My heart goes out to the people of the Ukraine and especially the members of the team I am currently supporting on their journey toward European GMP certification. It’s an insult to humanity that we should let this war criminal with his sick mind have his way. I want to demonstrate my loyalty to the Ukranians and have posted the flag. I wish I could do more and hope for a fast ending of this nightmare…..