Collaboration with Dekra

Customers have high demands on products and services. Just like you.

A certified quality management system provides the confidence that your company delivers consistently high quality, providing an important foundation for business success.

Every organization works with a large amount of data: information about customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders and about its own business processes. That information must be securely stored at all times, but at the same time be available. The core of information security lies in consciously dealing with confidential information. Technology is an important factor in this, but awareness of the employees and clear agreements about availability and responsibility and the control thereof are quintessential. Due to the 24-hour economy, the ever-increasing digitization and the increasingly strict regulations, maximum information security is more necessary than ever.

Certification of your information management system can be challenging, but it is definitely worth it. By recording business processes and testing them against (inter)nationally recognized standards in the field of quality, sustainability and safety, you can see where there is room for improvement within your organization.

In traffic, at work and at home – in all essential areas of life, the experienced DEKRA experts ensure greater safety. The company has a clear and ambitious vision of the future. This image fits seamlessly with the mission of Bring out the Best.

It is therefore an honor to work with this organization and to be part of this team as an auditor.